New Insulation Issues and Solutions 

Installing new spray foam insulation Tyler TX for your new house is as crucial as selecting the right flooring for your kitchen. However, you’ve got to also know what can probably go wrong in the process.  

When insulating your new house, there are some things that could go wrong, from condensation issues to uncomfortable and cold rooms.  

Condensation Problems across Your Home 

It will lead to condensation issues if your contractor chooses to utilize “flash and batt” and improperly installs it. Several insulation contractors will only put on 1-inch of closed-cell and then add the fiberglass. However, this does not generate an air seal. Thus, condensation appears. This condensation is retained by the fiberglass. This can lead to the growth of mildew and mold. 

Solution – Make sure that the contractor generates an air seal to prevent these moisture problems if they plan to utilize “flash and batt”. You have to keep in mind that 2-inches of closed-cell produce an air seal. Thus, technically, fiberglass is not required anymore.  

There Is No Air Seal around Doors or Windows 

There’s a chance that the contractor did not place any type of insulation or air seal around those areas when the doors and windows are installed. This will lead to comfort problems in your new house. Since cold air leaks inside, it will also lead to higher energy bills.  

Solution – To make sure that you’ve got the air seal that you want across your house, your spray foam insulation contractor can spray around the doors and windows. 

Mechanicals across the House Are Bigger Than You Require 

There’s a test known as a “Manual J”. This test will measure the amount of BUT required to completely heat a new house. Your house will not require such big mechanics and will utilize less BTU to heat the house if it has an air seal with the use of foam insulation. 

Solution – To ensure you’re on the same page about what mechanics will be required compared to the insulation you’ll have installed, you should talk to the contractor.  

Bonus Room above Garage isn’t Comfortable Always 

The culprit can be a lack of insulation if the room above the garage is regularly too cold or too hot. The hot or cold air coming through the garage is going right across the ceiling and into the room.  

Solution – You’ve got to ensure you talk about producing an air seal in the garage’s roof when talking about insulation for your new house. This air seal will greatly help with keeping that bonus room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  

Closed-Cell Spray Foam can Pull Away from Studs 

As time passes by, a new house will settle and shift. Closed-cell spray foam is a firm type of foam insulation. It will not shift and move with a new house because of this rigidness. Because of this, the foam will be pulled away from the studs.  

Solution – Because of this, almost every contractor will suggest open-cell spray foam