Almost every homeowner uses their dryer to do chores regularly. Clogged dryer vents, on the other hand, are responsible for approximately 15,000 household fires in the United States each year. 

We’re just ordinary people. We all make errors. You may easily avoid dryer fires if you avoid common mistakes and engage a professional dryer vent cleaning Des Moines service regularly. 

Choosing to Ignore Sorting Clothes 

Rather than cramming a lot of laundry loads into the dryer at once, you should organize your jeans and sweaters. To be sure you’re using the correct drying cycles, look at the labels on your garments’ tags. Setting your dryer to high heat, for example, will cause your cotton garments to shrink. Furthermore, you should avoid overloading your dryer. You are increasing the wear and tear on your dryer if you do this. 

Cleaning Your Dryer’s Surrounding Area 

Because your dryer draws air from the space around it, it’s critical to maintain the area around it clean. Lint that collects around your dryer can be removed by vacuuming or dusting regularly. In addition, you may be able to locate all of the clothing items you’ve misplaced over the years. 

Moisture Sensors Aren’t Being Cleaned 

While you’re cleaning the lint out of your dryer drum, make sure to clean the moisture sensors as well. On the sensor, there’s a good chance that a chemical coating has formed. This is especially true if you haven’t used your dryer in a while. The moisture sensor may be cleaned with a towel and soap. 

Leaving the Dryer Vent Pipe Unattended 

If you leave lint in your dryer, it can cause a variety of problems. To begin with, lint can reduce the effectiveness of your dryer by slowing the drying process. In addition, lint accumulation obstructs ventilation. Your appliance will overheat as a result of this. This will very certainly lead to dryer fires. It also adds to the amount of wear and tear. 

You should inspect your dryer exhaust line for accumulated lint. In addition, cleaning the vent every 6 to 12 months is recommended. If you want to accomplish this as a DIY effort, you can clean the vent with a vacuum. 

Improperly Dried Items 

Before you dry your garments, make sure you get everything out of your pockets. Fires can start if foam materials, rubber, or plastic are left inside the dryer. Metal objects, on the other hand, can harm the inside of your dryer, and pens can leak onto your clothing. 

If you want to dry your bathroom rugs, air drying is preferable to drying them in the dryer. If you’re not sure whether or not drying an item is safe, it’s preferable to err on the side of caution. 

Furthermore, you can always read the label of each item to find out how to dry it properly.  

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